Mon: gym/9km
Tue: 14.5km at around 9pm in 1.22. Legs tired and sore.
Weds: 3 x 10mins with 2mins rest between. Plan: Pace is between 5 and 10km. Reality – legs felt really tired, sore and heavy again – probably not enough recovery time. So I was slow. 4.39 pace, 4.21, 4.23. Urgh.

Thur: 10.36km

Fri: Plan: 6 x 1km fast off 5min cycles. Reality: the 1kms were not fast – 4.10, 3.59, 3.56, 4.00, 4.05. There was another rep that I am pretty sure was under 4mins but I had a watch malfunction and didn’t record it.

Sat: long run – 26.09km in 2.27. 5.38 pace.

Sun: Plan: optional recovery run up to 45mins. Reality: 9.3km

Total: 91.4km

Feeling pretty despondent about my weight and my (complete lack of) speed. On the one hand, I tell myself that I had a baby 6 months ago and that it will inevitably take some time to get back. On the other hand, perhaps I am just being soft and lazy. Either way I’ll keep plugging away at it.


Mon: gym/8km
Tues: 6km fartlek on the bay. 4mins on, 2 off, 3min on, 90secs off, 2mins on, 1min off, 1min on, 30secs off, then back up to 4mins. Pretty sure I took this too easily.

Wed: 16.5km easy paced
Thur: 11km with pram.
Fri: Hills: Plan – if possible, that hill from the bay up into the hospital towards Balmain Rd. X 8 with a jog back down recovery. So up the first steep bit, turn left and up that gradual section around to the right but not all the way. Max 600m. Reality – did 7 x 400/500m hill reps. 16km session in total.

Sat: 25.15km in 2.21

Sun: rest- shattered, fat and cranky.

Total: 88km

Mon: gym/7.7km
Tues: 12km easy
Weds– Plan – 6 laps of 1km course where you stick to the exact same lap times for all 6. So do a few kms warmup and a couple of strides. Don’t start too fast or slow but aim to get into a rhythm quickly and hold the pace all the way. Reality – I couldn’t do the 6km tempo at Timbrell Park because it was too dark at 5.30am (I get freaked out doing speed work on an uneven path at the best of times because I envisage myself tripping disastrously) so I just did it around the bay. Unfortunately I had another brain/watch malfunction and didn’t autolap, so I don’t actually know what pace I ran! As far as I can tell, I ran between 4.10 and 4.30 pace, with the majority being between 4.15 and 4.25.
Thurs: 11km easy
Fri: Plan – 200m reps at around 45secs and just keep running them until you go over 47secs ie: drift by more than 2secs. 1min walk around rest between each. See how many you can do. If 45secs is too fast, make the 2nd rep 47 or 48. Up to you but it needs to be real puffing type speed so don’t go too easy. Ideally you want to be able to get out at least 10 – 15 of these reps. Reality – did 16 reps at around 40 seconds or faster. Only stopped because I ran out of time. Fun.

Sat: long run 23kms in 2.08

Sun: gym

Total – 71km

Mon: gym /8.26km
Tue: had bizarre back and stomach pain and spent the RPA having morphine. Note to self – try not to have morphine again.
Weds: stupidly tried to run. Did a slow 13.5km

Thur: stupidly tried to do a speed session. Quickly abandoned that idea. Ran 11km in total.

Fri: stupidly tried to do another speed session. That didn’t work. 11.7km

Sat: 21.5km in 2.01

Sun: 10.56km in 56 minutes. Probably with the pram

Total – 76.5km

Mon: 8.2km / gym
Tue: Plan: 5min efforts with 1min standing rest. Reality: I did the following distances in 5 mins, except when I had a brain/watch malfunction on the last rep and stopped at 4.30. My recoveries did blow out though and in some cases they were longer than 1.30.


Wed: 15km easy
Thur: 10km with pram
Fri: Monafartlek (1×90/90sec / 2×60/60sec / 3×30/30sec)
Sat: 22.5km
Sun: 10.5km with the pram.

Total for this week was around 82km.

A bit of a hit and miss week.

The plan:

Mon: 5.5km / gym
Tue: 5 x 1km reps. Aim for 3:55 per km for the first 4 no faster then as fast as you can for the 5th. Take at least 2mins rest but up to 2:30mins. The idea is that you will be rested and ready to go again. Even if 3:55 feels easy, it’s consistency that’s going to get you there. Just means you’ll be able to smash the 5th rep. And just on the bay between the km markers is fine.
Wed: 13-15km easy but finishing stronger the last 1-2km
Thur: 8 x 2mins with 1min float. 2mins at sub 3:40 pace and 1min float at 4:10 pace.
Fri: 30-40mins easy
Sat:2 hours

The reality:

Mon: gym and 6.88km run. More tough work on legs and butt

Tue: couldn’t run in the morning due to small baby projectile vomiting on me at 4.30am and then deciding not to go back to sleep so I did the session at 9pm that night –

1 0:03’49.4 167 (111-176) 0.98 15.4 (0.0-18.7) 3’54 (0’00-3’12) 18 17 0.98
2 0:02’17.8 130 (105-174) 0.040 1.0 (0.0-15.8) 60’26 (0’00-3’47) 3 3 1.02
3 0:03’52.2 165 (107-175) 1.01 15.7 (0.0-17.6) 3’49 (0’00-3’24) 14 18 2.03
4 0:02’15.3 126 (105-170) 0.040 1.0 (0.0-14.8) 59’20 (0’00-4’03) 6 0 2.07
5 0:03’52.0 163 (104-171) 1.01 15.6 (1.1-19.1) 3’50 (55’33-3’08) 11 18 3.07
6 0:02’02.4 120 (94-163) 0.030 0.9 (0.0-14.0) 65’47 (0’00-4’16) 0 0 3.10
7 0:04’00.0 159 (100-167) 1.02 15.3 (0.0-17.6) 3’55 (0’00-3’24) 9 13 4.12
Wed: 14.5km in 1.22. Felt like an arthritic pensioner running at 5.15am.
Thu; baby issues again so couldn’t run i n the morning. Did 13km with the pram in 1.13> Then out to dinner that night and had 3 glasses of wine.
Fri: shocker. Couldn’t get anywhere near either goal pace. Felt crap. 11km
Sat; felt ordinary again but struggled through 21.5km in 5.39 pace. Gah, am so slow.
Sun: 9.5km easy in 53 mins. Humid.

weight: 62.9/63.1

total kms: 87.3kms